About Us

Which Web Hosting is an honest hosting guide, we provide our honest opinion about different web hosts. We have a reviewing criteria based on number of factors like 1. Customer Support 2. Speed 3. Price 4. Uptime 5. and 6. Features. We personally try to test the web hosts or have used in the past before writing the reviews.  Many people are searching for best web host on the internet, and you will find the web hosting guides are mostly biased because of high payout commissions.

The Idea

Everyone struggles in finding a good web host. As a business owner we don’t have time to go through number of options. Most of the reviews are also paid by different web hosting companies. The idea came in my mind that we should provide honest review to those who are searching for best web host, especially beginners and newbie’s starting their internet career. This blog was once sponsored by Site5, but we switched hosting due to change in management.

Other Web Hosting Guides

There are many different web hosting guides and most of them are not providing honest reviews. I have seen fake reviews and people who never used the services, degrading or appraising the web host. These are fake comments by some bad web host companies and their staff. Which Web Hosting aims to provide honest opinion and in depth analysis of every known web host.

Why You Should Listen To Which Web Hosting?

With over 10 years of experience in web based business, I aim to provide my honest opinion to my valued visitors. I know how much frustrating it can be when you are disappointed by a web host. I will guide you to choose the right web host and do business with peace of mind. I love to hear your experience to add value to Which Web Hosting. If you have personal experience with any web host mentioned on our blog, I love to hear from you.

Last Word

Every website/blog needs funds to keep the bread and butter going. There are people and I (Wali Ahmad) working for Which Web Hosting to gather interesting and honest Web Hosting Reviews for you. Our Web Hosting Guide have affiliate links that will help me to keep the good work going for the valued readers.

Happy Web Surfing!