Bluehost Vs Hostgator – Which One to Choose

Bluehost vs Hostgator! Confused? Today, there are lots of web hosting providers on the market, and so picking the right one may be somewhat difficult. Presently, the top two hosting companies with the best stats are HostGator, and BlueHost. The companies are also the most recommended on the market.

Many people see it as a challenge to pick the best among these two because they are both excellent companies. This HostGator Vs BlueHost comparison will highlight the unique features of both and help you with your decision.

Performance and Reliability

Both hosting companies are recommended for websites as they offer the best performance and reliability. Both hosts offer a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee.

All HostGator sites on the web are hosted in Dallas in Dual Xeon servers. The data centers belonging to the company are properly equipped and links to ten backbone suppliers.

BlueHost, on the other hand, make use of a CPU Segregation technology and this can control the CPU and also protect a site from malware or bots. In addition, HostGator invests heavily in new technologies to improve the performance of the website.

Bluehost vs Hostgator Uptime

When visitors experience a website downtime, it is always a terrible experience for them. Both hosts guarantee 99.9% uptime.

HostGator Vs BlueHost – Site Response Time

When both sites were scanned with Pingdom, their response time was shown clearly. A site which was hosted on HostGator did not take more than about 1288ms to load, while a site hosted by BlueHost took more than 5429ms to load. Hostgator wins this round.

Site Speed Test

Speed is crucial when considering a web host for a website. According to a speed test on Pingdom tool, a site which was hosted on HostGator was 50% faster than BlueHost.

Bluehost vs Hostgator Customer Support

With Web Hosting Companies, providing customer support is compulsory. When you face issues with your server or website, a good support team has to be equipped to fix it immediately to avert any site downtime. There’s an understanding and well-trained support team at HostGator. However, wait time is too long

Customer support is available always. You can contact them with different methods. Such as creating a ticket or opting to use live chat or calling them on phone. BlueHost provides great customer service, since the primary aim of the firm is to offer excellent customer support. Similar to HostGator, BlueHost provides Email Support, phone support and Live Chat.

If you have experienced both Hostgator and BlueHost customer support, you would agree that Bluehost customer support is better than Hostgator.

User Interface

Both hosting companies provide a cPanel. It is vital to use an easy to use cPanel, especially for individuals who are not used to technology and don’t know how they can install web scripts such as Joomla and WordPress.

Both providers have great security for their cPanel which help to keep all private files away from the prying eyes of hackers and viruses.

The billing feature on both hosting providers is easy to understand and use. HostGator provides their own customized cPanel and this panel is relatively easy to master. This is proof that HostGator concentrates more on its customer satisfaction.

On this aspect, it is a tie. The web hosts have a commendable User Interface.

From the test and comparison performed above, it is clear that HostGator tops BlueHost when it comes to performance. Therefore, users can expect an excellent performance from HostGator. However, both hosts perform well overall.

Why is HostGator better?

  • HostGator provides monthly hosting plan pegged at a flat price of $0.01 every month.
  • They also offer a 45-day guarantee, so you aren’t at risk of money loss.
  • It also has a highly effective customer support team.
  • It has user friendly control panel.
  • The site will load faster than BlueHost.
  • You have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • They have a good security team with the tools to keep sites safe from the hackers, malwares and viruses.

Why We Recommend Bluehost?

Bluehost and Hostgator are owned by EIG so there is not much difference in philosophy because both the web hosts are under one umbrella. However, I feel that Bluehost is better than Hostgator because of their customer support and easy to use interface. Bluehost offers the same features as Hostgator, but has an edge over customer support.

Looking for Alternative?

I recommend as number 1 alternative to Hostgator and Bluehost because of their pricing, better customer support and same reliable web hosting.

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