Difference Between Cloud and Shared Web Hosting

Not many people understand the difference between cloud web hosting and shared web hosting. Many web hosts offer both the plans with different pricing. As you are reading this article and looking to compare between cloud and shared hosting. First, I will give a brief overview about the web hosting.

Why Do You Need a Web Hosting?

Imagine your mobile phone that you use daily to take calls, send messages, take pictures and so many other things. Whenever you want to share something from your mobile phone to other people, you use different things like facebook, Bluetooth or email. You need internet access and a medium to show your files to other people. Similarly, your website is a file containing information about your business, products or services. These website files need to be stored somewhere on the computer to be accessed by other people.

You are first assigned a domain name linked to the web host with an IP address to access those files on the internet. For example, google.com or facebook.com are programmed software and are hosted to provide information based on individual queries. Your website also contains information and files that are presented to the users whenever they type your website address.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is the basic or starter hosting that is widely offered by different web hosting companies. In shared web hosting environment, you share the resources with other users. Basically, web hosting is provided on a server (computer). This server is then divided between different users to store their website files. Each shared web hosting platform has more than one user and you share RAM, Storage Space (Hard Disk) and Bandwidth with other users. If one user use more server resources like RAM and Storage, then you may also get effected resulting in slow loading time or downtime for your website.

Shared web hosting is often recommended for beginners and people who are looking for cost effective way to make their presence online. Shared hosting cost between 1.5$ to 30$ depending on features provided by web hosts.

Remember, shared web hosting is recommended for people who doesn’t utilize a lot of resources on the server like RAM, Storage and Bandwidth. In start, it is good to opt for shared web hosting and when your website grows, you can upgrade your package.


Shared web hosting is very easy to setup and cost effective. Anyone can buy and get started with their own web space easily. You will find good basic support from the web host to get started


All the disadvantages of shared web hosting are for advanced users as they do not have control over server performance and resource. Anyone having knowledge about servers may not like shared hosting.

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud hosting is kind of like shared web hosting, but the difference is that you do not have one server to store your data. It is kind of virtual machines that act as one machine to provide data. Cloud hosting has better uptime and performance as compared to shared hosting. Cloud hosting is secured by many servers providing better performance.

Cloud hosting is scalable, which means you do not have to worry about running out of resources. This kind of web hosting is recommended for growing businesses or websites with high traffic volumes. Cloud hosting costs more than shared web hosting.

cloud web hosting


Your data is stored on number of different servers providing better performance and reliability. The biggest advantage is that you can always scale your resources on cloud computing. Your data is safe and remains available to the users. The biggest advantage is if one server has an issue, your data is served from another server.


Cloud hosting can be costlier than shared web hosting. Some of the cloud hosting can be extensively shared with other users, hence, making no advantage over shared hosting.

Which Web Hosting Should I Use?

Shared web hosting is often good for most users because it serves the purpose. However, it depends on how much resources you are going to use. If you are planning to launch an e-commerce website, then you might need cloud hosting or VPS. In most cases, shared web hosting is good to start your website.

I use Namecheap shared web hosting for all my websites. I would recommend using shared hosting because you can always upgrade in future based on your website growth.

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