Site5 Vs Hostgator – Is there any Difference?

I have spent over 5 years in finding the best web host and people often ask me for recommendations. I usually recommend Site5 and Hostgator without any doubt. Whenever I give these two choices, people get confused between the two.

I have used Site5 and I have used Hostgator, I had no problems with both. It is a tough question which one is better hostgator or Site5?

I did some research considering few factors that will help you decide between these two web hosting companies.

Site5 vs Hostgator

Site5 was founded in 99 by Matt Lightner and Rod Armstrong, they provided extremely good hosting environment with keeping every website hosting requirement in mind. I have been using Site5 for 5 years now. I came to know last year that it is now taken over by EIG, which owns Hostgator and Bluehost. Quite Shocking? Right!

Hostgator was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley in Florida. Hostgator gained a lot of success within few years and becoming one of the biggest names in web hosting. In 2012, Hostgator was acquired by EIG (Endurance International Group).

Hostgator and Site5 are owned by the same company! Is there any difference? Yes..

I did some random checks on the both the web hosting providers because server locations are different for each web hosting company.

Website Speed Check

The basic question in mind is speed of the website. If the speed of their own website is slow, then I would not be convinced in going with them because if they cannot make their website sever fast, how can they help you? (Sometimes other factors also effect speed ratings such as use of images, javascript etc).

Site5 shows page load time of 2.0s on GT Metrix, which is very good. On the other hand, Hostgator page load time is 2.7s. Site5 is a winner, but Site5 website has low number of requests as compared to Hostgator.

HostGator vs Site5 Customer Support

I always rate web hosting companies by their customer support. I would highly recommend a company who provide instant support to their customers.

As I mentioned earlier, I was using for 5 years. Now, I must admit, I am disappointed. Site5 used to have one of the top customer support in web hosting industry, but not anymore. I think all the old customer support staff is replaced and now handled by non-professionals who doesn’t care. You will be in a long queue before you get your number.

Hostgator customer support isn’t much different because the wait time for the both the web host is horrible.

Hostgator and Site5 Chat is Same

I have noticed that after EIG took over both the companies they use the same Chat system. You will notice both the chat windows and the message is same. Few years back, Site5 customer support was different than Hostgator.

We have a tie for customer support as both are poor in responding to queries.

Uptime and Reliability

I have noticed that Site5 uptime is not 99.99%, but it has gone down recently. They claim to provide 99.9% uptime.

Hostgator also claims 99.9% uptime and we haven’t faced any issues with Hostgator.

Hostgator is a winner over Site5 in uptime.

Site 5 vs HostGator Pricing

Site5 and Hostgator both are overpriced as compared to other web hosting companies. Good thing is that Site5 offers 30 days’ free trial and 45 days’ money back guarantee.

Hostgator is running a promo that they will charge only $0.01 for a month. Hostgator also provides 45 days’ money back guarantee.

Hostgator wins when it comes to pricing because it is $1 cheaper than

User Interface

Site5 has slight advantage because their user interface is customized and named as backstage, but seems like the new management is soon going to change it because there is a lot of changes.

Hostgator interface is user friendly and easy to use as compared to Site5. Hostgator and Site5 both use cPanel with a lot of features that are needed.

Who is the Winner?

It is clearly Hostgator because they are leading in number of ways. However, there might be no difference in philosophy because Site5 and Hostgator is now owned by EIG. The level of service has gone down significantly.

Is there any alternative?

Yes, one of the good alternatives with better service is I moved my most of the domains to

Why is hosted on Site5? More tech savvy users can found out by checking whois of the website. I had a deal with the previous owners that I will be promoting as an affiliate and they will provide free web hosting. I am not sure if I will be allowed to host for free after this comparison.

Please share your experience with Site5 and Hostgator in the comments below.

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