Top 5 Small Business (SME) Web Hosting Services

I come across a lot of small business owners who struggle to get their online presence. Most of them are very good in their core business, but do not know anything about web hosting and servers. They usually rely on web developers to design and launch their website. When the business starts to grow, they struggle a lot to get the things fixed and pay hefty amount each time.

As a business owner, you need a reliable server to store your website data so that you constantly receive leads. I am handling over 70 different clients from different niches and successfully helped them migrate their website to the reliable server.

Why do you need a different web hosting company for my small business?

Most of my clients are reluctant to migrate their website in a fear that they will lose data or their website will be down for few days. First process is evaluation of your current service provider. In most cases, you don’t need to change the web host. Sometimes, website is not developed properly which can increase server errors, load time and slow page loading time.


I would choose a company that care about their customers as most of my clients were hosted on one of the famous domain and web hosting company. The worst part is you can only contact them by calling their customer support and I know most of us like to write email or directly wants to chat with customer support, which is not the case as chat is available for limited time. I would prefer transferring my website to a more personalized web hosting company.

I have compiled a list of recommended small business web hosting services. These listed web hosts are not owned by EIG, which owns most of the web hosting companies.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting provides speedy and reliable service to its customers and that is why it is recommended for any business. Their Shared Turbo package is suitable for most of the businesses whether you are running WordPress or small ecommerce store, this package can provide you solid foundation to grow your business. The good thing about A2 Hosting is their customer service, which is newbie friendly. One of my client recently purchased web hosting from A2 Hosting. The overall experience was very good as they transferred the website files from the old host to the new one without any complications or delays. The best part is that A2 Hosting also offer Windows hosting for ASP based websites.


Siteground is used and recommended by many famous websites and people. The best part about Siteground is their customer service, which is very efficient and helpful. You can buy their GoGeek shared web hosting package, which is good for most of the websites as it claims to support the traffic as high as 100,000 visitors monthly. You can host wordpress or any other CMS based website on Siteground without any doubt.


Liquidweb is for serious small business owners who get thousands of daily visitors and cannot afford the things to go wrong. Liquidweb is one of the most reliable web hosting companies and recommended for E-Commerce stores and large websites with daily thousands of visitors. Liquidweb will never let you down as their service is exceptional. Liquidweb does not offer shared web hosting packages, which shows their commitment to serving only high end websites. Their VPS plans are starting from $50 per month. It is our number one choice web host for small businesses managing their online business.


Award winning web host with a history of reliable service from many years, DreamHost has never disappointed. I never heard a single complaint from my clients in 7 years about DreamHost. They have been providing consistent quality services to their customers since their inception. DreamHost have over 400,000 customers and 1.5 million websites hosted with them. DreamHost is WordPress friendly web hosting company. You can host your business website with peace of mind at DreamHost.

Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting cares about their customers and they are good at handling servers. I had one of my clients using inmotion hosting and when I called inmotion hosting customer support, they were quite helpful and explained every bit to me. Later, I found out that my client was not even hosted with inmotion Hosting, but the support guy helped and provided all the possible answers which were not related. It was client’s mistake that he thought he is hosted on inmotion hosting. This experience made me realize that we are not hosting a website with inmotion hosting and they are helping and if we do, their service will be exceptional. If you own a small business, then inmotion hosting is worth trying.

Final Words

Remember, each website has different requirements which needs to be understood. You can Live Chat with us to find out which web hosting is best for your small business. Please share your experience with these web hosts in the comments.

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